Good rules for educators to make with students in classrooms by tutor John Toker

1. Follow instructions of your teacher right away. 2. Keep your belongs to yourself, and do not touch or bump up against others or their things. 3. Put your hand up to talk and wait to be called on by the teacher 4. Get permission to leave your seat, otherwise stay in it.5. Begin schoolwork at once and continue completing it during the whole class time 1. Have your homework on your desk 2. Start each class with the teacher being the only one talking, and explain what the class will be doing for an assignment during their class time. 3. Teacher asks students if they have any questions about the assignments. 4. Have the students put their pencils, and papers into their school binders.5. Line up in single file before leaving the classroom Teacher will call out “Class. Class, class, eyes on me” and will have told the students ahead of time that this means all of the students are to stop talking and only pay attention to the teacher, while they sit at their assigned desks; there will be a reminder of what this signal  means in written form on a classroom poster.1. Lead by example when showing respect to all students. Learners tend to immitate actions more than words. 2. Educate students to care about their peers; they learn to be positive with a team like dynamic. Students feel more powerful and secure by being part of a group that is stronger than any individual.3. Negative statements must be countered with positive statements about the disrespected person.