"Your unique
approach opened
his mind up a great
deal on what
intelligence really
means. You also
gave him a lot of
studying tools.
-a father
Client Issues and Population:

ADHD, ADD, Autism,
Asperger, NVLD, Dyslexia,
Motivation Problems,
Executive Function Issues, ESL
- English as a Second Language

People who are diagnosed with
learning disabilities in grades K-12,
and adults. Students in private schools.
Learning Specialist Services:

Tutorial services are for reading,
writing, and math.

Individualized instruction is provided to
each student by me.

Students are met in person for home
tutoring or through online tutoring via
Skype. Homework help is provided  
during sessions. Albeit, raw intelligence
building exercises are often used during

Tutor services are offered on a year
round basis and are available seven
days a week.

Training and Methods for Success

John Toker has a Mater's Degree in
Education with a Concentration in
Learning Disabilities K-12, and a
Master's Degree in Psychological
Services with a Concentration in
Counseling; he holds a Post
Graduate Professional License to
teach in general education and
Learning Disabilities K-12 settings;
he has taught in Fairfax County Public
Schools, FCPS, Montgomery County
Public Schools, MCPS, Arlington
County public and private schools.
John applies his skills from, formerly,
working as a licensed
psychotherapist with his experience
as a learning specialist. Teaching
methods are customized to each
student's learning style. Test prep in
math, science, reading, and writing
are part of sessions. Mentorship with
experienced coaching methods is a
core part of the tutoring.

People who have obstacles in their
learning process have unrecognized
alternative ways of comprehending
school work. They are tutored on how
to identify and apply their academic
strengths toward their scholastic gaps.
A team effort among parents,
students, myself, and other
professionals is key to success with
the tutoring school process.

LD Just Means Learn
, written by
John Toker, reflects
autism, dyslexia, ADHD,
other learning issues, and
physical obstacles related
to multiple sclerosis, and
cerebral palsy; cases are
based off his tutor
experiences with students.
It includes characters that
are based off actual tutor
cases, whereby people
surpassed or were
blocked by learning
issues. It’s written like a
novel so as to allow for
confidentiality, and to
focus on the passion that
gets people through the
strains that are associated
with academics, rather
than a step-by-step
teaching methodology or
text manual for tutors.


"All true teaching is
building skills for
independent thought."

"Among the shattered
glass, there are diamonds
that must be preserved for
those who feel broken."

Amazon books

Cynthia Brian, co-
author of a NY Times
Best Seller,  
interviewed, tutor,
John,  about his novel,
LD Just Means Learn
Differently, on
World Talk Radio.
Click here to hear part
of the interview
FamilyFirst Psychological
Services is an excellent
resource for school placement
testing, and psychological
services that may include

Students of mine have greatly
benefited from their services.
Family First of VA provides psychotherapy and testing for school
tutor books English math physics globe of earth with history book


240 506 3673

8220 Crestwood Heights Drive
McLean VA 22102
Tutorial materials including paper, pencil crayon, ruler
"Hope you're doing well and
that more kids find out about
your great help.
-a mother
Inventors and

Ann Bancroft, Arctic Explorer
(Ann needed a tutor for learning issues)

Alexander Graham Bell

Charles Schwab
(Schwab needed a tutor for dyslexia and
never felt that he had ADHD ADD)


John Britten, Inventor
(Dyslexia led Britten to need a tutor while
ADHD ADD needed to be ruled out)

Pierre Curie, Physicist (1903 Nobel Prize)

Thomas Edison
(Edison was in need of a tutor albeit it was
unclear whether he was dyslexic ADD or

Albert Einstein

Michael Faraday
(Faraday needed tutoring for dyslexia
some wonder if ADD ADHD was part of his
learning issues)

Carol Greider
(Greider dyslexic needed a tutor albeit
during a time when ADD ADHD was less
likely a diagnosis)

Jack Horner, Paleontologist
(Horner had a tutor for dyslexia without
mentioning ADD ADHD)

Dr. Peter Lovatt, psychologist and dancer

Dr. James Lovelock
(Tutoring made dyslexia gift for Lovelock
further testing may have indicated ADD
ADHD also)

Paul MacCready
(Needed a tutor, undiagnosed dyslexia
while ADD ADHD should be considered)

Archer Martin, Chemist (1952 Nobel
(Tutor for dyslexia needed by Martin with
ADD ADHD could have been the case)

Matthew H. Schneps, Astrophysicist
(Painful dyslexia called for a tutor while he
does not think it was also ADD ADHD)

John R. Skoyles, Brain Researcher
(Tutoring needed for future neurologist
whether dyslexia ADD or ADHD is unclear)
Writers and

F. Scott Fitzgerald
(Student needed
tutoring for
undiagnosed ADHD)

William Butler Yeats

Agatha Christie
(Dyslexia led
Christie to need
tutoring as a child)

Scott Adams
(Cartoonist with
dyslexia, as a child,
needed a tutor)

Jeanne Betancourt
described as
dyslexic wanted
tutoring as a child)

Stephen Cannell
(Terrible school
years due to
dyslexia and ADD

John Corrigan
(noticed dyslexia in
4th grade and
tutoring required)

Andrew Dornenburg
(Dyslexia for student
Dornenburg called
for tutoring)

Jane Elson
(Tutor can use her
stories for children
with dyslexia)

Richard Engel
Engel needed
(Student tutoring for
dyslexia with ADHD
needed to be ruled

Patricia Neal penn
name Fannie Flagg
(Dyslexic Neal
required a tutor may
have had ADHD)

Gustave Flaubert
(Whether dyslexic or
ADHD for student
tutoring is unclear)

Sally Gardner
(Diagnosed Dyslexic
during time when as
a child ADHD may
have gone
undiagnosed for

Terry Goodkind
dyslexia as a
student with
possible ADHD ADD
needed tutoring)

Byron Pitts
(Dyslexia and ADHD
ADD needed to be
tested for tutoring
purposes when a

Patricia Polacco
(Student Polacco
dyslexic need more
testing for ADD
ADHD to be tutored
as a child)

Eileen Simpson
dyslexic student and
possible ADHD ADD
could have helped
for tutoring)

Philip Schultz
(Schultz student
dealt with dyslexia
during time as a
child when ADHD
was rarely
diagnosed for

Actors and

Harry Anderson
(Anderson needed
tutor for dyslexia,
albeit student ADHD
ADD needed to be
ruled out when a

Orlando Bloom
(tutor for dyslexia,
while ADD ADHD
could have been a

Harry Belafonte
(Belafonte dyslexic
student during span
was not child
diagnosed for tutor)

Charley Boorman
(Dyslexia impacted
student Boorman
and possibly when a
child ADHD or ADD
for tutor needs)

Jim Carrey
(Carrey needed
tutor for dyslexia
and possibly

Danny Glover
(As a child student
ADHD ADD needed
to be ruled out,
while dyslexia called
for tutor services)

Whoopi Goldberg
(Goldberg as a
lower grade child
student would have
gained from tutor as
dyslexia an issue
and possibly

Susan Hampshire
(Dyslexia and
possibly ADD ADHD
led to child
Hampshire needing  
tutor services to
help student)

Keira Knightley
(Knightley would
benefit from tutor as
a child student with
dyslexia impeded
learning, while
potentially ADHD
ADD also)

Jay Leno
(Student with
ADD/ADHD needed
to be ruled out for
dyslexic child who
needed tutor)

Oliver Reed
(Tutor required for
dyslexia during
during child years
and maybe ADD or
ADHD as a student)

Keanu Reeves
(Reeves tutor
services for dyslexia
at child age as
student and to have
ruled out ADHD or

Tom Smothers
student possibly
while dyslexia issues
meant tutor needed
for child)

Billy Bob Thornton
(Student needed
tutor services that
where missing for
his dyslexia and
possibly ADHD or
ADD, even as a

Vince Vaughn
(Music star needed
tutor for dyslexia to
help as a student
and to have ADHD
or ADD ruled out
when a child)

Henry Winkler
(Student Winkler
was dyslexic and
possibly ADHD or
ADD needed tutor
when a child)
People with formal or informal diagnoses of dyslexia and or ADD, ADHD are
listed below. Most had a tutor to provide tutorial on many subjects at school.
Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders:

Steve Jobs
(Dyslexia ADD ADHD are not indicated.
Jobs needed tutoring in grade school)

Richard Branson
(Dyslexia led Branson to have trouble
in school rather than ADD ADHD. He
needed tutoring)

John T Chambers
(Tutor to address dyslexia ADD or

Henry Ford
(ADHD ADD and Dyslexia are
possibilities considered for Ford who
needed a tutor)

William Hewlett
(Dyslexia led to tutor needed to
address learning issues while ADD
ADHD need to be rule out)

Ingvar Kamprad
(Supportive parents of his dyslexia and
possible ADD ADHD. He needed a

Sir Peter Leitch
(ADD ADHD was a possibility while self
described as dyslexic in need of tutor)

Craig McCaw
(Managed family money despite or
because of dyslexia with ADD ADHD as
possible needed tutor)

O.D. McKee
(Dyslexia ADD ADHD possible reasons
for learning issues requiring a tutor)

David Neeleman
(Compensation for undiagnosed
dyslexia ADD or ADHD with called for
tutor services)

Paul J. Orfalea
(Tutor expected for ADHD and dyslexia
while not thought to have had ADD)

Charles Schwab
(Dyslexia was a challenge that left
Schwab needing a tutor. ADD ADHD
were not usually diagnosed during his
school years)

Ted Turner, President
(ADHD ADD or dyslexia were not the
case. Bipolar issues called for needing
a tutor)

Robert Woodruff
(Failed out of Georgia Tech needed
tutor services while unclear whether
ADD ADHD or dyslexia was the issue)

Frank W. Woolworth
(Teachers thought Woolworth was a
dreamer in school and needed tutor
while it is unclear whether ADHD ADD
or dyslexia)
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Thank you for all your hard
work. Today, she graduated
and in the process was the sole
recipient of the Principal’s
Academic Progress Award."
John Toker Tutor Learning Specialist ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, autism, executive function disorder, asperger, coach
240 506 3673
John Toker, M.Ed. LD K-12, M.A.
ADHD, ADD resources for students who
need a tutor:

Learning about ADHD, ADD issues

CHADD articles reflect useful information for
individuals affected by ADHD, ADD:

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