Mission to help students do well in school and in
life; improve their learning skills to excel in
academics. Regain self confidence and self-esteem.
Client issues for tutoring and coaching:
ADHD, ADD, Autism, Asperger, Dyslexia,
Dyscalculia, Motivation Problems, Executive
Function Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
People who are diagnosed with learning disabilities
in grades K-12, and adults. Students in public and
private schools.
Learning Specialist Services:

Tutorial services
are for
reading, writing, math,
completing homework and life
Raw intelligence
building exercises are taught
when needed during sessions.

Students are met in person for
home tutoring, through online
tutoring via Zoom, Skype,
FaceTime or at my office

Tutor services are offered on a
year round basis and are
available seven days a week.

Training and Methods for

John Toker has a Master's
Degree in Education with a
Concentration in Learning
Disabilities K-12, and a
Master's Degree in
Psychological Services with a
Concentration in Counseling;  
he has taught in Fairfax County
Public Schools, FCPS,
Montgomery County Public
Schools, MCPS, Arlington
County public and private
John applies his skills from,
working as a licensed
psychotherapist with his
experience as a learning
specialist. Teaching methods
are customized to each
student's learning style. Test
prep in math, science, reading,
and writing are part of sessions.
Mentorship with experienced
coaching methods is a core part
of the tutoring.

People who have obstacles in
their learning process have
unrecognized alternative ways
of comprehending school work.
They are tutored on how to
identify and apply their
academic strengths toward their
scholastic gaps.
A team effort among parents,
students, myself, and other
professionals is key to success
with the tutoring school process.

8220 Crestwood   
Heights Drive
McLean VA 22102

240 506 3673
Resources for Autism
ADHD, ADD resources for students who need a tutor:
Learning about ADHD, ADD issues


CHADD articles reflect useful information for individuals
affected by ADHD, ADD:

Interview and articles regarding tutor and
author, John Toker:
John tutors and coaches
students in Vienna VA,
McLean VA, Falls Church
VA, Arlington VA, and other
areas of Northern Virginia;
albeit, he provides online
tutoring via Skype, and
Facetime with equal success.
Some students office.
Students are often from
Nothern VA, albeit some are
from Bethesda Maryland and
Potomac Maryland. John has
effectively provided online
tutoring and coaching to
people who live all over the
world. Please go to the
following link to read about
the advantages to online
Online Tutor
Dyslexia is defined differently by various dyslexia tutors, albeit,
John considers a broad spectrum of studies from the
psychological influences of dyslexia to the physiolgical reasons
for dyslexia. Dyslexia has been redefined by added studies over
the decades. John defines Dyslexia and conveys the implications
of it as found by clicking on the following link:
Dyslexia Mind and
ADHD ADD is a prevelent isssue in the learning community of
ADHD tutoring field as is true for Dyslexia. Defining ADHD and
ADD are the foundations of addressing the needs associated
with them. ADHD ADD are defined by John who combines a
medical model with a psychological one in the process. ADHD
ADD tutors often vary in their definitions of ADHD ADD. Please
go to the following page as labeled in the link:
ADHD Defined by ADHD ADD tutor John Toker
Executive Function Disorder is often accociated with
ADHD and other diagnoses. Albeit, Executive Function
Disorder tutor, John Toker, defines it from many points of
views among experts. Naturally, many books are written
about Executive Function Disorder, as is true for ADHD
ADD, and Dyslexia. John's definition is a relatively brief
one that organizes the important factors related to
Executive Function Disorder
John teaches people
who are diagnosed with
learning disabilities or
have issues with
organization on how to
overcome their learning
blocks or executive
function challenges; he
has over twelve years of
proven track record
John lives in Northern
Virginia, has effectively
tutored people who had
given up on ever
becoming good students.
He practiced as a
licensed psychotherapist
in Maine and Maryland
for more than eight
LD Just Means Learn
is an acclaimed book
written by John; it  
inspires students,
parents and teachers
when facing learning
LD Just Means Learn Differently, written
by John Toker, reflects autism, dyslexia,
ADHD, other learning issues, and physical
obstacles related to multiple sclerosis, and
cerebral palsy; cases are based off his tutor
experiences with students. It includes
characters that are based off actual tutor
cases, whereby people surpassed or were
blocked by learning issues. It’s written like a
novel so as to allow for confidentiality, and
to focus on the passion that gets people
through the strains that are associated with
academics, rather than a step-by-step
teaching methodology or text manual for


"All true teaching is building skills for
independent thought."

"Among the shattered glass, there are
diamonds that must be preserved for those
who feel broken."

Amazon books

Cynthia Brian, co-author of a NY Times
Best Seller,  interviewed, tutor, John,  
about his novel,
LD Just Means Learn Differently, on
World Talk Radio.
Click here to hear part of the interview
Online Tutoring Services
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